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Farm Holidays "Il Fiocco" - farm holidays, riding track, riding school

"Il Fiocco": farm holidays, riding track, riding school

Nature and culture

The Chenaillet massif, togheter with the Moon Mountains and the Mt. Chaberton, are parts of the ancient pre-alpine ocean. 200 millions years ago this area was surrounded by coral reefs and submarine volcanos and dinosaurs used to walk along the seashore.

Today, close to the farm holiday "Il Fiocco", you can walk and sky on the floor of this ancient ocean, and visit the Rocks' Garden, a museum full of fossils and dinosaurs footprints.

Minuartia sp. (Alsine) on a group of radiolarites

In the preceding image you can see a Minuartia sp. (Alsine), a plant endemic of alpine area, growth on a group of radiolarites, violet rocks tipical of the surroundings of Cesana Torinese, rocks deriving from the sedimentation of marine microorganisms of the ancient pre-alpine ocean.

At the same time, such nature rich area is full of historical remains and has a long tradition of rural architecture, art and culture.

Architettura tradizionale sapientemente restaurata

The Champlas Seguin village dates the XVII century and thanks to accurate presevation politics, still has today a picturesque charm.

The area has been involved in the Winter Olympic Games in 2006, and is part of the famous winter sports resort of Sestriere.

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